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What are Bio Identical Hormones?

Bio identical hormones are hormones that are identical in molecular structure to the hormones produced naturally in the human body. Bio identical hormones can be custom-made, based on each individual's needs and hormone levels, in a compounding pharmacy.

Some examples of bio identical hormones include:

The key advantage of bio identical hormone replacement therapy is that the hormones used are botanically-derived and have an identical chemical structure to the hormones made by the human body. This allows the body to recognize and fully utilize them.

Why Use Bio Identical Hormones?

There are several key reasons to use bio identical hormones:

Bio identical hormones can help restore optimal hormonal levels thereby leading to significant health improvements. When hormones decline with age, using replacements help maintain health, quality of life and slow aging.

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Restore hormonal balance and reclaim your health with bioidentical hormones.

Assessing Your Hormone Levels

Getting your hormone levels tested is crucial before starting any hormone therapy. This allows creating a customized treatment plan meeting your individual needs.

We recommend testing the following hormones using blood, saliva or urine tests:

Based on the test results, bio identical hormones can be prescribed in the optimal doses and combinations. We offer regular follow up testing to monitor and adjust the treatment based on barometer results. This ensures achieving long-term hormonal balance safely.

| Hormone Name | Normal Range Women | Normal Range Men | | ------------------ |:-------------:|-------------:| | Estradiol (E2) |25 to 250 pg/mL | 10 to 70 pg/mL| | Progesterone (P4) |0.3 to 4 ng/mL | 0 to 0.06ng/mL| | Testosterone (T) |15 to 70 ng/dL | 270 to 1070 ng/dL| | DHEA-Sulfate (DHEA-S) |35 to 450 μg/dL | 100 to 500 μg/dL| | Thyroid (T3 & T4) |T3 - 2.0 - 4.4 pg/mLT4 - 0.8 - 1.5 ng/dL | T3 - 2.0 - 4.4 pg/mLT4 - 0.8 - 1.5 ng/dL| | Melatonin (Mt) |10 to 65 pg/mL | 10 to 65 pg/mL|

Getting tested helps determine which hormones are high or low for you. This personalizes your bioidentical hormone replacements to be optimally effective.

We use advanced hormone tests and regularly monitor levels to customize treatment to your needs.

Benefits of Bio Identical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone therapy provides multiple benefits when hormones are balanced properly with medical guidance. Key benefits include:

Physical Health Benefits

Mental & Cognitive Benefits

Urogenital & Sexual Function

Balancing hormones with bioidenticals provides overall vitality and aids proper physical and mental functioning.

Types of Bio Identical Hormones

There are multiple types, preparations and delivery methods available for bioidentical hormone therapy including:

Oral hormones

Transdermal hormones

Injectable hormones

Subcutaneous hormones

We offer various bioidentical hormone options - creams, pills, patches, gels, implants etc. The optimal delivery system depends on your body's absorption rate, convenience, cost and comfort level. Our experts help determine what works best for your needs.

Restore hormonal balance and optimize health with bioidentical hormones.

FAQs: Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Are bioidentical hormones safe?

Yes, bioidentical hormones have an excellent safety profile when used properly under medical guidance based on testing. Since the hormones are natural and bioidentical, they have minimal side effects compared to synthetic hormone drugs.

Should hormones be dosed based on blood or saliva tests?

We recommend getting both blood and saliva hormone tests done initially to get a complete picture. Follow up is done using blood or saliva based on the specific hormones being tested.

How is compounding done for bioidenticals?

Compounding enables customizing the concentrations, combinations and dosage forms of bioidentical hormones based on each patient's needs. This personalization makes treatment highly effective.

Are there differences between FDA approved and compounded bioidenticals?

The hormones are identical on a molecular level so there are no medical differences. However compounded versions offer more flexibility with custom combinations, doses and delivery methods.

What is the most common combination prescribed for women?

A common combination is Biest (estradiol and estriol), progesterone and testosterone replacements. Dosages and ratios can be customized.

How long does treatment usually last?

Most patients continue therapy long term to maintain hormonal balance. Treatment may last for months or years since hormone decline is a continuous aging process. We monitor regularly and make dosage adjustments based on changing needs.

| Hormone | Benefits | Deficiency Signs | |-|-|-| | Estrogen | Reduces hot flashes, improves heart & bone health, healthy skin and hair, enhances libido | Aches & pains, weight gain, low libido, hot flashes, insomnia, infertility | | Progesterone | Regulates menstrual cycle & fertility, mood balance, restful sleep | Irregular periods, infertility, anxiety/depression, headaches | | Testosterone | Boosts libido & energy, mood & motivation, muscle growth, fat loss | Low libido, energy loss, depression, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss | | Thyroid (T3 & T4) | Regulates metabolism, temperature, heart rate, weight | Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, high cholesterol, muscle weakness | | DHEA | Improves energy, immunity, bone strength, heart health, mood and libido | Fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, hormone imbalance | | Melatonin | Sets circadian rhythm, improves sleep quality | Insomnia and sleep issues, poor immunity |
Common Bioidentical Hormones, Benefits and Deficiency Signs

Getting Started with Treatment

Starting bioidentical hormone therapy involves several steps:

1. Initial consultation - We conduct a comprehensive health analysis and evaluate your signs and symptoms thoroughly. Any prior hormone tests are reviewed. Replacement needs are determined.

2. Diagnostic testing – Blood, saliva & urine tests help identify any hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. These inform precise treatment.

3. Creating a personalized treatment plan – Based on the test results and your health goals, customized bioidentical hormones are prescribed - optimal combinations, doses and delivery methods.

4. Follow up testing & monitoring – We regularly retest hormone levels to ensure balance is maintained safely long-term. The treatment plan is adjusted based on changing needs.

5. Ongoing Patient Education – We educate you about how to optimize results through healthy nutrition, supplements, fitness and lifestyle changes tailored to your needs.

Follow up consultations are scheduled to monitor progress, provide support and make adjustments ensuring continual benefits.

Why Choose Optimal Hormone Health Clinic for Treatment?

There are many reasons to choose Optimal Hormone Health Clinic for your bioidentical hormone therapy:

Our well qualified practitioners optimize both art and science using the latest advancements coupled with proven protocols. We are dedicated to restoring hormone balance safely for complete vitality.

Dealing with Common Issues & Side Effects

While bioidentical hormones have an excellent safety profile with minimal side effects compared to synthetic hormones, there can be occasional issues. Here is how we deal with them:

Bloating or weight gain – We adjust the treatment plan by changing delivery methods or lowering estrogen doses. Lifestyle changes like improved nutrition and more exercise are suggested.

Blood clots – If estrogen levels get too high, anti-coagulants may be prescribed as a preventative measure. Lower estrogen doses are used.

Facial hair growth – For increased facial or body hair with testosterone therapy, doses are lowered and enzyme blockers like glucuronidases are sometimes prescribed.

Mood swings – We closely track mental health on therapy. Counseling may be suggested. Hormone ratios and doses are optimized to ensure emotional balance.

Acne or oily skin – Spironolactone can block testosterone's skin effects. Estrogen levels may be raised while lowering testosterone depending on cause.

Doses and combinations are meticulously adjusted based on regular monitoring until optimal balance and symptom relief are achieved.

Maintaining Long Term Hormone Health

Here are some tips about maintaining hormone health for the long run:

Incorporating positive lifestyle habits optimize your long term hormone health and reduce dependence on medication alone.

We provide ongoing guidance to help balance your hormones naturally with diet, stress reduction techniques, targeted supplementation etc.


This overview provides a comprehensive understanding of how bioidentical hormone therapy at Optimal Hormone Health Clinic can help restore hormonal levels safely and effectively. Hormone decline contributes to many unwanted symptoms that reduce quality of life significantly.

Getting tested properly and starting on customized bioidenticals provides the building blocks for vitality. It enables optimal physical, mental and sexual function. Continued monitoring and dosage adjustments provide sustainable benefits long term without complications.

If you're dealing with low energy, weight gain, hot flashes, low libido or other hormonal issues, we encourage exploring treatment. Bioidentical hormones can offer transformative restoration helping you look and feel your best again!

To learn more or schedule a consultation, please visit the Optimal Hormone Health Clinic website or contact their clinic. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal hormone balance and vitality.

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